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I'm definitely down to travel. Filming in a new place is always incredibly inspiring. Contact me for travel rates. I recently moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Springfield, Missouri and don’t have travel fees for either place. An hour outside of KC or Springfield, Missouri, will incur a small mileage fee.

Super 8 is a film format from the 1960’s. I absolutely love the look of super 8 because it embodies the imperfect. Mixing it with digital video adds a level of timelessness, softness, and authenticity. Plus seeing what comes out after it’s developed is thrilling. The colors, the light, the grain – yes, please. We’re talking about real film here and I think that is super cool. I offer shooting super 8 at a wedding as an add-on to my packages. 

Typically I don’t as it’s not my style. I personally prefer films with no voice over from the ceremony or speeches. I’d rather let the footage speak for itself. With my basic package, your ceremony is included as a separate edited video. I use professional audio equipment to record your vows. I also offer toasts as a separate add-on. That way you can easily watch your ceremony and toasts and hear those words again.

I wish I had a more interesting story to tell, but really the name just came from one of my favorite songs! Brooke Waggoner (who is amazing) sings in a love song: “he’d buy the gold hairpins to give to me just for grins” The song means a lot to me (I’ll probably have part of it tattooed on me at some point) and I thought it sounded neat with a vintage flair.

Music plays a huge part in the creative process. So my first answer is to trust me! The more creative control you lend me with your big day, the better it will be. I love getting lost in music and I love letting music help tell a story and punctuate emotion. My second answer is that I can send you a playlist of songs that I think will fit well with your wedding film and you can let me know your favorites from the playlist. If you want to go that route, just let me know before or right after your wedding.

In my add-on options, I have something called a Documentary Edit. This is a longer video that covers the day from start to finish, but is edited nicely. It includes longer moments like your ceremony, toasts, dances, etc, with the audio as it happened. I have examples for you to view in my pricing guide.